Unholy Night - Seth Grahame-Smith I think it was mostly the cover what made me buy this book. I was on a shopping spree for my birthday (I wasn't the one paying) so I didn't care much that it wasn't exactly the book I would usually go for. I had already started reading the story when I realized it was by the same author of [b:Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter|7108001|Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter|Seth Grahame-Smith|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1291165397s/7108001.jpg|6596168]. I liked that other book a lot more than this one, actually.

My main complaint was how predictable this book was. It felt like some sort of biblical fanfiction. And all the last minute miracles to save the day felt like a cop out to shirk from writing true solutions to situations. I would have liked way better than the godly nature of baby Jesus was left unclear to the reader.