In laywoman's terms

I'm the odd one always carrying a book, clueless to fashion, making obscure references that no one get. Socially awkward, emotionally constipated, stay-at-home nerd. Hoarder. Self-dubious. Paranoid.

Currently reading

Shell Shock Cinema: Weimar Culture and the Wounds of War
Anton Kaes
Howards End
E.M. Forster
El caballero inexistente
Italo Calvino, Esther Benítez
Historia general del psicoanálisis: De Freud a Fromm
Ricardo Guillermo Mandolini Guardo
Dolto/Winnicott: El bebé en el psicoanálisis
Gérard Guillerault
Irish History
Seamas Mac Annaidh
Psicologia y Alquimia
C.G. Jung, Alberto Luis Bixio