Corazón de piedra - Charlie Fletcher I read this book about a year ago, maybe year and a half. I re-read it this weekend and, just like the last time, I thought it was an okay book. The idea of the statues coming to life is great, but the written execution is not up to it.

Even though the story is enjoyable, there's way too much description of irrelevant things (taxis passing by, unrelated buildings, etc.), the dialogues are bland, and -in my opinion- there aren't enough action scenes, and the few ones the story has are more descriptive than engaging.

None of the characters are very likeable, except from The Gunner and the crow. It might be 'cause everything was happening too fast in the story that there wasn't enough time to explore the characters in depth, but that shouldn't be an excuse...

The constant change of POV inside single chapters also bugged me throughout the whole book. It made the reading confusing.

I'll re-read the second book now and hope for the best!