El crepusculo de los elfos (torre de viento -15-)

El crepúsculo de los elfos - Jean-Louis Fetjaine It had been a while since I read such a good fantasy book. I liked that the writing was simple compared to how florid authors tend to get in this genre. The plot seemed simple at the beginning but as the story advanced secrets and schemes started to unfold. There's more action than I expected yet it wasn't tiring to read, for the battle scenes were very fast-paced.

The one thing I didn't like much was the romance between Uter and the Elf Queen. It's obviously a crucial part of the plot but it just didn't seem plausible, like it didn't develop properly and it was just suddenly there for the sake of things. Also, from the back cover you get to know the story's got something to do with Arthurian Lore yet it doesn't really show (unless you're already somewhat acquainted with it) till the end of the story. I'm not complaining about that, though.

I'm eager to know what'll happen next. I've already ordered book two yet I'm anxious about what I'll do when I'm done with it, for the third book hasn't been translated to Spanish yet and I kind of doubt it'll ever be.