The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing

The Way of the Shaman - Michael J. Harner When I picked this book I expected to get a bit more research on the subject, not the author's interpretation of what shamanism is to him. I didn't really buy how he kept preaching that hallucinogens weren't needed for successful shamanic practices yet he said over and over again that he does use them on himself.
I was shaking my head every time the author went and implied that shamanic procedures were better than psychoanalysis. There's a moment when he explains a kind of divination technique that's basically staring into a rock and finding images in it. The Rorschach test immediately popped into my head. The author did go and say it was kind of the same procedure but not the same. I would stick to Rorschach anyway, of course, but I guess it's way cheaper staring into some random rock instead of paying an expert to have you tested.
One other thing I didn't agree with was the subject of dreams. The author states they should be taken literally. How crazy is that? He completely disregards symbolism, which doesn't sound much in tune with the nature of "non-ordinary reality".
To me it sounds like the whole thin is a crazy collage of beliefs whose components were handpicked to suit the author's needs so he could set up his new-age shaman workshop and make some easy bucks.