La Gata

La Gata - Colette,  E. Pinas I liked this book. I got it a second-hand bookstore, it had no description on the lovely hardback, just the title on the front with the mysterious name Colette written below. Not the type of book I would have picked up by myself in other situation yet I ended up really liking it.
The writing had a soft, debonaire feeling to it. I'm not familiar with French literature but there were times things felt fragmented, there were so many unfinished dialogues and thoughts, making it hard for me to be sure if I was on the known about what was going on.
I think the characters were great and had interesting personalities, especially Saha the cat. I liked how she never antagonized Camille. The whole rivalry deal was on Camille's head, adjudicating Saha with her jealousy fueled by her own insecurities.
There's a sort of misogynous view of what a woman should be like on the story, probably a reflection (and perhaps a critique) of the social opinion at the time.
All in all, a short, charming, laid-back story.