El Llano en llamas

El Llano en llamas - Juan Rulfo I happened to read this book in the middle of doing research about the Mexican Revolution and that made thing make more sense than they would have if things were different. The whole revolutionary process was messy and took its toll on the Mexican people. I hate to imagine that the sickening feeling of despair and uncertainty about the future that Rulfo portrayed was the reality of so many people in the past.
I understand the point of this book, of telling these horrible stories of injustice and poverty, but that doesn't mean I have to like them. I wanted to be done with the whole thing before I even finished the book's first story. I'm not sayinf Rulfo is a bad writer or that the book was terrible. I'm saying that I dislike having to get such a close look of the dire circumstances people lived in my country a few generations back.