Harry Potter y la cámara secreta - Adolfo Muñoz García, Nieves Martín Azofra, J.K. Rowling Well, it's almost ten years since I read this book for the first time and I have to say I still enjoyed it a lot. Maybe even more because this time around I wasn't dying to know what the outcome was, so I paid more attention to details and such. I love the book, it's good and fun and straightforward. Yet, I'm not giving it five stars because of some inconsistencies or 'too convenient' situations in the story Such as why Harry decides to go to Gilderoy Lockhart when they figure out where the Chamber of Secrets is located, instead of getting other professors' help; or why in the hell was Dobby with Lucius Malfoy when he went to Hogwarts by the end of the book? He's a house-elf, why would Lucius have him tag along? He's never done that before in his previous visits. And why was Lucius in Hogwarts in the first place? He strolls into McGonagall's office all angry and the next second he's all surprised Dumbledore is back, so he can't possibly be there to complain about his return because he wasn't aware of it. So, why is Mr. Malfoy there? Why would he bring Dobby with him? Sounds like a bad excuse to have Dobby freed and nothing more... Oh, and I think Ron used his wand to start up the flying car outside of King's Cross. Wouldn't that be a breach of the Underage Magic Restriction? Just sayin'! . So, I was way more critical with the book this time but I still liked it and enjoyed it very much.