The Throne of Bones - Brian McNaughton This book's got everything. Ghouls, vampires, ghosts, witches, necrophilia, pedophilia, incest, cannibalism, rape... Man, I could go on listing stuff. But I won't, read it and find out for yourself.

It's hard rating a compilation of stories, even if they're all from the same author. In my perspective this books is made of "The Throne of Bones" (main long story) and lots of filler (other short stories). The way stories intertwined going back and forward on 'The Throne of Bones' section was interesting. It's bold and action packed, which I liked very much, but after the fifth necrophiliac ghoulish rape scene I started losing interest. Most of the stories follow a similar patter: Introduction of a deviant pariah type of character - Said character meets supernatural creature - Sex - Someone dies or turns into a monster. Once you finish the long "Throne of Bones" chapter you've seen most of what the author's got to give, so the rest of the stories can feel like a drag to go through.

Other thing I wasn't so happy about is the big load of names (given names, places, tribes, nobility and military titles, and deities) tossed at you without real explanations. And I personally am not a fan of first-person narrative, so there's that too.

This books is different and forward, I quite enjoyed it, but in my opinion it could have been better if it were shorter.