The Tale of Genji - Murasaki Shikibu, Lady Murasaki, Arthur Waley Such a difficult rating to give... The translation was amazing paired with very informative footnotes, I love everything by 'Dover Thrift Editions'! Great quality for an insanely low price! Yet, I wasn't very comfortable with 'The Tale of Genji'. I can see its grandeur when referring to its historical and literature importance, but the plot happens to be not-so-great. It's just a very narcissistic high-ranked guy 'courting' (raping/stalking, that is) a bunch of woman and getting away with murder every single time. I felt very uncomfortable reading this book... I kept on reading because I hate throwing in the towel, but the last three chapters were so unbearable I was highly temped to give it up. If it weren't for the poems and witty responses I wouldn't have made it through. Seriously.