The Knight - Gene Wolfe I gave up. I tried twice. This is book is so... infuriating for me. First persona narration, the whole book is a letter, huge unhelpful glossary at the beginning of the story. I could keep on enumerating the flaws of 'The Knight', but I'll focus on the biggest one for me: the main character. Lord, what an arrogant, short-tempered bastard! The guy self-proclaims himself a Knight right at the start of the story and goes on to beat kids and steal and murder people. Yeah, sure, perfect knightly behavior, pal.
I can put up with lots of bad things in a book, if the story is good enough to keep me interested. This one? Incredibly boring. The plot pretty much sums up as the guy traveling the world abusing everyone, waiting for his witch lover to call upon him. No idea how this got a sequel. Anyway, I'll go back to reading Darkover, a series with real knight and real plots.