The Psychology of Superheroes: An Unauthorized Exploration - Robin S. Rosenberg, Jennifer Canzoneri, Bryan J. Dik, Peter A. Hancock, Gabriella M. Hancock, William J. Ickes, Chuck Tate, Andrew R. Getzfeld, Siamak Tundra Naficy, Stephanie R. Delusé, Bradley J. Daniels, Christopher J. Patrick, Christopher Peterson, Sarah K. Patric It's hard to rate and review a compilation of essays as some are good and some are not so much. Some of them were interesting, others sounded more like ads for the author's other published books. I was a bit let down by the lack of psychoanalytic essays, as most of them focus on social, behavioral and positive approaches of psychology. And I was also very surprised how most of the articles quoted Wikipedia as their information source... I mean, it's okay if you do it for the Superhero side of your research (as there might me be little published material about it), but they quoted wikipedia for Jung and Maslow and some other authors and theories. That doesn't make their essays sound that much reliable, or very researched. It's a light, simple read. If you're a psychology student or professor this book won't tell you anything new or be too enlightening.