Heart of the Dragon - Keith R.A. DeCandido If there's something this book lacks is the Winchester brothers. They're are treated as secondary characters and barely appear throughout the whole story, doing it steadily just right before the end. The author tried to pull off some jokes but it didn't work at all, and it's like he was trying so hard to make it sound genuine he pulled as many classic rock references as he could. In the end it just came across as coming too strong. I was very disappointed by this book. I've read Supernatural fanfiction way better than this.

Other thing I didn't like about this is that apparently the author threw in all the Japanese words he knew and it wasn't really necessary; I understand what they mean 'cause I'm into manga and anime, but I don't think regular Supernatural fans are familiar with those terms. And the use of the word 'Doragon' upset me quite a lot. Just... no.

The whole plot was very inconsistent and plainly sucked. Super convenient situations all around. Boring narration. Uninteresting (and unnecessary) characters. It felt more like 'Law and Order' than 'Supernatural'. I'm glad I got this as a gift or I would be so pissed at spending my money on this.