Vlad. La Última Confesión Del Conde Drácula - C.C. Humphreys Times when people lend you a book you didn't ask for are hard and makes rating said book an uncomfortable task 'cause I didn't choose the book in the first place. That's what happened here but I decided to read the whole thing nonetheless and hope for the best.
The story was interesting enough to keep me reading and there was also my constant need for learning new historical facts to help me continue. A bit too much politics and battlefield scenes for me; the first half of the book was what I liked best, the rising of Vlad, but the second half wasn't that much thrilling in my opinion. The twist by the end of the story didn't surprise me at all but the ending itself sort of redeemed that.
The author's words at the end of the book was a nice add and it helps clarigy the way he decided to portray Vlad (and his life) to the reader. It's a good book, I'm just not the proper target reader for it.