Tithe - Holly Black Well, it had been a while since I had read a book like this. And by sayin 'like this' I mean bad. The whole book is just an excuse to have the female lead get the dark but actually gentle male lead to fall for her. Typical story of a weird girl that finds out she's actually super important and special 'cause she's magical.
The plot is very inconsistent, the characters move around without much justification and pretty much no thought as well. I also disliked the way the author tried to be edgy and in the know of what today's teens are up to, throwing swear words just because and picturing minors shoplifting, smoking and drinking and apparently sexually active. I may come across as prude but that's not entirely the case, for the f word, just like any other word, can get tiring if overused; I'm also quite aware of all the underage sex, drinking and smoking in our current society, yet that doesn't mean it should be marketed in young adults books as things that cool kids do.
The writting was poor, the characters were undeveloped and annoying, the plot was predictable and reduced to everyone fawning over the female lead's awesomeness. To me, it's like Tithe is the Twilight version of Fablehaven. The only upside I can find for this book is that it's short.