The Boys on the Rock - John Fox I'm yet to read a 'coming of age' book that I actually like. Came across this one on a second-hand bookstore and, well, my LGBT inner fan kicked in and I bought it.

I had several issues with the book, starting with the writing style; first time I tried to read it I had just finished with a vintage French romantic novel, so this book's writing felt like a bucket of cold water being dumped on me. When I finally got around picking it up again I still disliked the writing style and considered it too blunt, yet I assume that's the way the author intended it to be, trying to be modern or edgy and relate to the way adolescents see the world. That aside, there was also the fact that the narrator kept telling lies and scratching whole scenes or pieces of the story saying the never actually happened, he just made 'em up for kicks; that really, really annoyed me and felt cheap to me. And then there was all the digressing and useless description of things totally unrelated to the main plot.

You know, there's this one character from Little Britain (BBC comedy show), a girl called Vicky Pollard; basically she goes on and on about mindless stuff and gets so off-track that you have no idea what the hell she's telling you and eventually you just don't give a damn anymore and just want her to shut the hell up. It felt like she wrote this book or something. So, teenagers can be downright annyoing, this book got that down to a T alright. Only good thing about this book, for me, is that it was short.