Assassin's Creed: Renaissance (Assassin's Creed (Unnumbered)) - Oliver Bowden I read this book without having played the game so I thought this was the first book on the Assassin's Creed saga ('cause that's how it is listed) but then I was told by someone on the know about the games that there's a previous story to this one. Maybe it wasn't that crucial to the current book I was reading but it did get mentioned and knowing what happened before would have made things easier.

It's a very simple book with even simpler writing. I didn't find many things worth of quoting, it was all very straightforward and fast. Actually, the story skips several years in between chapters, making things feel rushed for me. I later had the opportunity to see someone play the game and it does move that fast but there is a reason for it (the whole thing is actually a bunch of memories someone is reliving so you skip from one to another all the time).

The writer probably didn't have much chance to add things to the mix but I think things could have been done better. It's basically a transcription of dialogues and documents from the game. You can't not know you're reading and adaptation, it feels too literal; for example, sometimes you know you're in the middle of a tutorial and that annoyed me a bit.

Game tops book, hands down.