The Steel Remains (A Land Fit for Heroes, #1)

The Steel Remains (A Land Fit for Heroes, #1) - Richard K. Morgan I got this book just 'cause I'm into fantasy books with gay main characters. Not the wisest decision.

Strong start, inconsequential in the middle, kind of redeeming in the last part. The main characters (war veterans) are too decadent for my liking. The writing had some flaws, but I managed to overlook most of them except for the excessive swearing. I'm no prude, I can take badmouthed characters (it can be quite amusing when done right), but here it was used not only in the character's dialogues but in the narrative. It was overdone, like at least four times per page, and I'm not joking, I counted them. Apparently 'fucking' is the author's favorite adjective... 'fucking arrows', 'fucking humans', 'fucking way'... and so on.

The book was 391 pages long. In my impression, it's 300 pages of prologue and 91 pages of the actual story. I was under the idea this was a stand-alone book when I bought it, but now I learn a sequel is coming out this month. I'm unsure if I'll be getting it, it feels like there isn't much left to the story after this book. I mean, there's a cliffhanger at the end that hints 'the real thing' is yet to happen, but I'm okay with the story ending here. Guess I'll wait to read some reviews and then decide if it's worth a shot.

And if you're considering buying this book 'cause you saw it on a LGBT list or something, think again. The main character is gay, yes, but it's a secondary thing; you don't get more than three super short gay scenes (with no real justification, they're just there, adding nothing to the story). Other than that it's just discriminatory mentions of the main character's preferences. So if you're looking for some hot man-on-man action, go look somewhere else.