Speculum al joder (Medievalia)

Speculum al joder. Tratado de recetas y consejos sobre el coito - Teresa Vicens Rating this is complicated, as it is quite an old book and I'm reading the translations of a medieval translation so lots of things are bound to be lost in the process. The book is mostly a medical recipe book, and I mean medical in the quackery sense... The author recommends rubbing dead ants, worms and other crazy things on the man's penis before sex to enhance his performance.

Most of the time I had no idea what the author was talking about, for it was medieval medical terms and ideas, a lot of them I suspect were based on Hippocrates' Humorism theory. The advices here sounded insane to me but I suppose they were revolutionary back when it was first published. I cringe at the idea of people actually following this manual but I don't doubt some guys must have had to.

The last chapter of the book is the one I liked best due to the fact that it was mostly focused on women and their needs and how important it is to fulfill them in order to keep your lover happy and willing in and out of bed. The author list a good amount of sex positions he recommends to enhance the experience but the descriptions were a bit confusing so I'm not sure they are doable.

Anyway, all in all I think this is an endearing book, showing us how ingenuous were the beliefs of old times. Judge it for its historical value and you'll be fine.