The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway Man, whodathunk reading such a thin book can feel like such a drag? My god, it's so boring! There's a line in which Santiago says to himself 'You think too much, old man' (or something similar, I've got the Spanish version of the book so I'm not sure). That single statement is what the whole story is about: tiring ramblings of an old man in the middle of nowhere. 'Damn, I wish I had an axe...', 'Come on, fish, come on.', 'What would Joe DiMaggio do?', 'I wish the boy was here...'. Christ, he kept bringing the boy up over and over till I kinda started wondering if the old man had a thing going on for him. Actually, a part of me was rooting for such plot-line to spice things up, but no such luck.

Mockery aside, I honestly didn't like it. I like straightforward narration, but this one was too blunt and unrefined I could barely stand it. And, seriously, most of the book is about the old guy rambling while he waited and nothing happened. I've never gone fishing but it doesn't look like a very interesting activity... and in case it might be, that doesn't make reading about it exciting anyway.

I was hesitant on giving this book such a low rating because ~*~It's a classic~*~ and saying you didn't like it can lead to chronic gasps and outraged comments from other readers. Well... it is what it is.