La tejedora de sombras (Premio Planeta Casamerica 2012)

La tejedora de sombras (Premio Planeta Casamerica 2012) - Jorge Volpi Well, ain't this a peculiar novel. I started reading this book with very low expectations (for I was warned it wasn't really that good), agreeing to it just to get a glimpse of Jung's method. I was bewilder by how Jung edged his patients on to have 'visions' and urged them to put themselves in trance. It's like he drove them into psychotic states!
The book is about a very unhealthy, tormented love between Christiana Morgan and Henry Murray, and how this relationship lead them to moments of creation and destruction. Far from being the best written novel, it had way too many Point of View changes, and most of the time the writting get too damn lyric, like the author was attempting to convey Christiana's unbalance but tried too hard and missed it and ended up being tiring and confusing.
An okay read for a psychologist that wants to learn some of the psychoanalytic world's gossip.