La noche de los elfos

La noche de los elfos - Jean-Louis Fetaine Not as good as the previous book. I think this one focused too much on what went on in the Kingdom of Men. I was dying of boredom with the whole tournament business, honestly. It seemed like an excuse to give Uter and army to fight with. Everything just took too darn long. There was a lot of waiting and traveling, and of the silent and moody type at that! Religion is taking a more active part on the story now and I'm not sure I'm liking it much. Other thing I wasn't too keen of was that the author suddenly decided to be historical accurate and add a bunch of footnotes about fabric used by the characters' dresses, heraldry, latin phrases and whatnot.
The third part of the trilogy hasn't been translated to any language I can read so this is probably the end of the road for me. I think I'm happy with the ending of the second book. Uter is king, he's hooked up with Ygraine, Lliane and Morgana are cut-off from the world in Avalon. It all seemes right to me to this point.