Pinocho - Carlo Collodi, Marco A. Garibay My first impression of Pinocchio was that he was a douche; eventually I added to that that he was a real ungrateful, foolish, gullible pushover.
This book didn't work for me for a couple of reasons, starting with the repetitive and predictableness of the plot. I know that's usually the way things go with children's stories and old tales but come on. It felt in a way dishonest the way the author continued to have Pinocchio make mistake after mistake and not have him really learn from any of them, 'cause I doubt someone can't start being a bit more precautious after so many close calls; what I mean is that it felt very forced by the author in order to keep 'teaching us kids a lesson' and fill some more pages.
I also disliked the way everything was so exaggerated, how things had to be at least on the hundreds and super sized. Characters came and went inconsistently and changed shape and backgrounds for no reason making things unnecessarily confusing or at least complicated. To me it feels like Pinocchio is a story better heard than read.