La insoportable levedad del ser

La insoportable levedad del ser - Milan Kundera Unbearable indeed! A book about how people can easy and willingly throw themselves into a life of mediocrity and sickening codependency, which is portrayed as 'true love'. I have to say it's something that happens often in real life, people staying together just 'cause they "have history", by force of habit and other ludicrous excuses of reasons. But the subject being feasible in reality doesn't redeem the book for me; actually, it's the other way around, it makes me dislike it even more.

If I had to use a word to describe the writing (and perhaps the whole book), it would be 'presumptuous'. The author kept breaching the fourth wall to talk about himself and preach his opinions, something I found extremely annoying. Sometimes it felt like he was trying too hard to be philosophical or abstract, so I caught myself rolling my eyes over and over again while reading.

Most characters were downright annoying, Sabina being the only one that had some sense in the whole story: she knew what she wanted, what she lacked, and was true to her decisions and abode by their consequences, be them positive or negative. It seemed to me she was the most centered character and the only one that remained true to herself.

I'm glad I got it over with. If it wasn't 'cause it was a school assigment I wouldn't have touched this book with a ten-foot pole.